Who is Dack Capital?

Dack Capital is an England focused Private Equity investment firm that focuses on value creation opportunities. We work with Limited Partners, wholesale, professional and institutional investors wanting access to our unique deal flow of venture and commercial property investments.

Introducing Dack Capital

The Dack Capital ecosystem currently operates in England with the objective of expanding into the rest of the world.

As a next generation private equity firm, we are focused on creating a best-of-kind approach to investment management in alternative assets and private markets together with building an ecosystem of related businesses focused on achieving our vision.

Founded at the beginning of 2019, we now have office in Beaconsfield with a collective team of over 20 investment, angel/venture capital and property professionals who are dedicated to achieving our guiding outcomes, while making a difference to the world in which we work.

We are an independent firm, and are owned and operated by management and staff.

We believe that building a high value portfolio takes time and the power of asset growth moment, which results in compound investment results.

Dack Capital is the mathematical equation for compound growth.

Meet the leadership team

Founded in 2019, Dack Capital has grown to have office in Beaconsfield. The Dack Capital ecosystem has a team of over 20 investment, property development, business operation and support staff.

The Dack Capital group benefits from a highly motivated and committed professional team with diverse skills and experience who when they all come together create the magic in what we do.

We have also built a substantial network of national and global connections that introduce and deliver quality to market property and enterprise opportunities that fit our investment models and processes to deliver our respective investment benchmark returns to our clients.

Our legal documents

Dack Capital Limited who are authorized and regulated by the United Kingdom Company House Authority under firm reference number 12273098. This information can be verified on the Company House website.

Dack Capital Limited is registered in England No. 12273098. Registered office,15 London End, Beaconsfield, United Kingdom, HP9 2HN.