We provide investors with access to direct high quality commercial property developments and asset opportunities to deliver optimised returns.

Why property?

Property has a strong historical track record as one of the most important asset classes for wealth creation for self directed investors. For both the medium to long term, it suits patient capital looking for greater returns with solid asset backing.

With the right focus and asset selection, property allows an all weather approach in building a portfolio that will deliver the right returns and attract the right tenants in all weather.

Our approach

In each of the properties and projects that we consider for our portfolios, we cover three core sectors of focus including;

  • Care properties
  • Mixed-used commercial
  • Residential

Across these sectors, our objective is to create impact developments that will make a positive contribution to the areas in which they are located.

These contributions are;

  • Quality design to enhance the neighbourhood and city character;
  • Maximising design, energy and resource efficiencies;
  • Delivering services that improve living conditions of residents; and
  • Providing work/business spaces that generate more jobs and greater productivity contributing to the local and greater economy.

The following elements are required considerations before any new acquisition or potential purchase:

  • The ability to enhance the value of the asset;
  • The property is in a grade A-Grade for its area and the land itself has growth potential in the future;
  • The property is backed by strong financial metrics both now and in the future;
  • The development potential is the highest and best use of the site;
  • Strong long-term capital growth prospects; and
  • Will attract quality tenants delivering strong rental returns together with high levels of depreciation benefits.