Libertas Fund is dedicated to making a difference by freeing 1000 women from the experience of poverty in third-world

The primary beneficiaries for this impact investment are women. This is because women are
the greatest facilitators of positive change in both the family and community.


Libertas is our impact fund that is guided by a vision to change the lives over 1,000 impoverished women in underdeveloped countries. Libertas provides women not simply with financial support but rather educates them on how to sustainable change their lives. The financial impact we have goes far beyond providing food on the table. Women are empowered to start their own businesses within their village, being able to break free from poverty and dependency on others as well as supporting their local economy.

Libertas aims to empower by:

1. The right mindset and capabilities:   Mahatma Ghandi said “first we must become the change we want to see” as he understood that for things to change we first must change ourselves. The first step is to give the individuals the power of choice and the tools to evolve.

2. Change in circumstances: As an example, for some enslaved by poverty maybe homeless, providing basic necessities like a shelter.

3. Resources: To achieve rapid transformation from poverty to self sufficiency requires the physical and financial resources required to build incomes and assets.