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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– Buckminster Fuller
Inventor & visionary

Our business philosophies


The first company to embrace the practice of ‘imagineering’ was Walt Disney and his company. It’s what has allowed them to positively impact the world with experiences that have enriched many people’s lives. If you look at all of the major companies pioneering rapid progress in our world they all have a methodology on how they innovate. At Dack Capital we believe for us to succeed in today’s global environment and be a “best-of-kind” business, we also have to value and practice progressive and disruptive innovation. This is why we aspire also to be an “imagineering’’ company.

Everything starts somewhere

All great enterprises and fortunes started as a flash of inspiration in their founder’s mind. Disney, Apple, Google and Facebook were all results of an original flashpoint; the initial idea and vision. If our vision resonates with you, we encourage you to reach out to us and explore ways can work together to make a difference through creating “best-of-kind” start-up business and direct property opportunities.

Success leaves clues

At Dack Capital we believe success leaves clues. There are significant learnings and insights from firms around the world that have achieved significant success in their field. To better understand the success drivers for comparable firms, we are continually researching their investment management strategies, thinking and culture, business processes and firm market positioning and fusing them with our unique methodologies to build a “best-of-kind” investment management ecosystem.

Radical transparency

In today’s open world, providing complete transparency provides greater investor, customer and stakeholder confidence. Inspired by one of the most successful hedge funds in the world, Bridgewater Associates who advocate radical transparency recording all meetings which are then available for all 1400 employees to listen to, we have adapted this success clue into our corporate culture as well. Like all businesses, we are constantly dealing with problems as well as opportunities. When a mistake is made, accepting that failure is part of finding success. This makes it easier to bring challenges to the surface so that they can be solved quickly while minimising risk.